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Yoga | How to use Yoga to stimulate energy

September 10, 2016

Yoga | How to use Yoga to stimulate energy

Yoga can help you to balance our mind, body, spirit and soul level, as well as EDxTM and Esoteric Acupuncture techniques. Through body, mind and spirit flow, you can stimulate your Kundalini energy (vital energy that connects with your higher self) by properly opening up your seven chakra centres and your higher chakra centres.

Yoga can allow you to do open up your chakras and be used as a form of meditation to help calm and centre your mind. Through movement and breath, as well as focus and intention, you can allow your body to release unwanted toxins on a physical and energetic level, as well as the soul level.

Everything takes practice. You can create a limber body and allow for a proper flow of energy, which will help you to prevent illness and allow for a connection with your higher self. You are not only brilliant bodies of light for yourself, you are an addition to the frequency of light energy within the universe, thus working to create wellness for the entire planet.