Healing Bath Salts | Best Therapy in Whistler, B.C. | Healing Hands Whistler

September 17, 2018

Healing Bath Salts | Best Therapy in Whistler, B.C. | Healing Hands Whistler

Top 6 Benefits Of Healing Bath Salts After A Day Of Activity in Whistler.

While in Whistler you may enjoy being on the slopes; hiking or skiing, a round of golf, an adrenalin seeking thrill of ziplining or downhill mountain biking, what not a better way to relax and rejuvenate with a hot bath and a tub full of mineral rich salts.  Here is the best top 6 reasons to enjoy a bath with your favourite salts!

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1) Total Body Renewal:

Through vigorous activity and stress in our daily lives taking a toll on our bodies, we need to replenish essential nutrients, including salt, that we lose through our sweat.  What not a better way to absorb essential nutrients than through our skin.  After all, our skin is one of the biggest living echo systems we have and its our largest organ that breathes just like our lungs do. Soak up some love with our signature bath salts!

2) Cleanse Your Skin:

It is essential to cleanse your skin.  Just like our digestive tract, we need to cleanse our skin.  Our pores can become clogged or we can be over-exposed to sun damage.  Soaking your body in mineral rich salts at least once a week and exfoliating with them is a good practise to follow.  It not only revives your skin, it can revive your spirit!  Soak up some love with our signature bath salts!

3) Ease Sore Muscles:

What's not to love about having achy sore muscles relax after a mineral rich bath? Why do hot baths with mineral rich salts invigorate us, yet relax our muscles?  It's the mineral rich content of magnesium.  Our cells crave magnesium when we are tired or have achy sore muscles and our heart needs it to pump our blood.  Every living cell in our body needs it to survive.

 In our bath salts, we use Magnesium Chloride Crystals as this form of Magnesium allows for maximum absorption of magnesium directly through your skin into the areas that need it the most with in 20 minutes of touching your skin.  Soak up some love with our signature bath salts! 

4) Store Bought Epsom Salts Do Not Compare to Our Magnesium Crystals:

Most store bought bath salts have a chemical lab made form of epsom salts.  Would you rather have a natural source of magnesium free of toxins to help ease your muscles? I think so.  Keep reading to find out why our source is better than most store bought varieties.

What is more special about our healing balt salts?  Our bath salts contain magnesium chloride crystals.  These crystals are sourced from a deep sea bed 1600 m under the sea between the Scandinavian Coast and the Britain Coast.  The minerals have never been exposed to envirommental toxins like our external oceans are subject to.  Our magnesium crystals offer more transdermal absorption and are a better quality salt than regular epsom salts.  

Epsom Salts require many cups of salts to feel the effects from your bath.  You need to use much less with our high quality healing bath salts. Soak up some love with our signature bath salts.

5) Preventative Medicine:

Sweating in a hot bath full of mineral rich salts not only helps to get rid of toxins in your blood and organs, it also helps to prevent a nasty flu bug and boosts your immune system!  The nutrients we recieve from having a salt bath is essential for your body to thrive and survive! Our food sources today do not contain the same vitamins and minerals as they did 20 - 40 years ago.  With toxic chemicals, fertilizers and glycophosphate added to our soils and poor farming practises, our food sources have decreased mineral content.  One of the minerals found to be deficient in our food today is magnesium.  Soak up some love with our signature bath salts!

6) Help to Promote Relaxation:

Another added benefit of magnesium is that it helps to promote total body relaxation.  Our cells need magnesium in order to survive as I mentioned before.  In our busy high paced lives, juggling work and driving to work as well as the hustle and bustle of family life, our nervous system health becomes deteriorated.  We over exhaust our eco system and then we try to gain our energy back by drinking coffee and over consuming stimulants.  With this type of lifestyle, we deplete our minerals even more.  We essential live 100 % of the time in a fight or flight mode over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.  We never really turn off the bells and whistles and we are ready for action at all times, even in our sleep.

 Magnesium Chloride can help to balance and reset your nervous system by helping to regulate your heart, your endocrine hormones and cranial nerves, specifically the vagus nerve which controls your digestive health and breathing center. Our heart beat is regulated with the proper amount of magnesium.  High cholesterol and plaque in your arteries can be reduced with adding magnesium to your diet or soaking in magnesium rich salts, along with adding Vit D3 and K2 (mk-7).  High calcium in the blood can be found with a low level of magnesium in your body.  When we become stressed or live a stressful life, we make the calcium leave our bones in order to keep our homeostasis in our blood at an optimal alkaline pH level. Magnesium is one of the essential nutrients that can help drive the calcium into our bones and keep our pipes and arteries clean.  Reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease as well as diabetes and cancer are few of the benefits of adding magnesium to your diet or by soaking up magnesium in a mineral rich salt bath.  Soak up some love with our signature bath salts!

What Are The Best Salts To Use For A Bath And Why Use Our Salts?

We believe that magnesium chloride crystals are the most potent and purest form of magnesium you can use as a bath salt.  Our source of magnesium is the purest source on the planet.  Why put something on your skin that is toxic?  That defeats the purpose. 

We also combine our magnesium chloride with other salts to increase efficacy and maximum absorption of minerals.  Our salts also contain a very rich sea salt from France, Himalaya Crystals from India, Dead Sea Mineral Salts from the Dead Sea. Along with these potent salts, we also add organic pure essential oil of lavender to help ease your body and promote and even deeper state of total body relaxation.

Try out our healing bath salts today!

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