Couples Massage In Whistler | Mobile Massage in Whistler, B.C. | Healing Hands Whistler

December 02, 2017

Couples Massage In Whistler | Mobile Massage in Whistler, B.C. | Healing Hands Whistler


A couples massage, while on vacation in Whistler, can be a relaxing and sharing experience for both you and your partner.  During this treatment, two therapists work on each you and partner in the same room.  Enjoy a heated massage table, relaxing music and skillful hands to help melt away your stress and strains on our comfortable mobile massage tables.  

The benefits of choosing a mobile massage in Whistler.

There are many benefits of choosing a mobile massage spa experience while you are vacationing in Whistler.  Having skillful hands work on you is very important, as well as your environment pre and post receiving a massage.  Imagine having to set out to find the spa you booked and then you have to find parking.  All this can add to the stress of your day instead of focussing on enjoying the experience of relaxing during a massage.  Setting out into the rain or cold on your way out to getting a massage or coming out into this weather after receiving a massage can decrease the restorative benefits made during your session.  It is beneficial if your body is warmed up prior to getting a massage such as having a hot shower or a hot tub. Heat increases circulation to your muscles, thus allowing your body to respond more quickly to the added benefits of receiving a massage. Running out into the cold after your massage puts more stress on your nervous system and can send your muscles into a startled response and undo all the progress of getting your muscles to relax.  All of this can be prevented by trying a mobile massage in Whistler and best of all, enjoying this experience with your partner.

Why Choose Healing Hands Whistler for your Mobile Couples Massage?

Healing Hands Whistler offers highly experienced and skillful massage practitioners who are passionate about health and healing and providing the utmost care for our clients. We have been in business for over 18 years and we not only offer a variety of massages to take care of you, we also offer acupuncture and holistic treatments.  You can customize your massage or treatment by booking on our online booking site.

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The Healing Hands Whistler massage team are experienced professionals who can take care of you in the comfort of your home or vacation rental.  Getting a massage is about the experience from the beginning to the end and enjoying the after glow of being relaxed, not being rushed out into the cold.  Imagine a cozy fireplace, or getting back into your hot tub; you don't need anything to think about except wearing your favourite slippers, your house coat and soaking it all in with your partner enjoying a beverage. Live like a Queen and enjoy a royal treatment.  You deserve it!

Enjoy your spa vacation with a Couples Massage in Whistler!

You can boast about it!  The mini spa vacation at a home away from home!  There are many activities to explore in Whistler such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, bungee jumping, ziptreking, hiking or golfing.  You can also indulge in a massage experience together with your partner.  Not everyone needs to get a massage only because they are in pain from straining a muscle from a sport or injury.  Massage can reduce stress and can be an experience all of its own, as preventative medicine.  In this day of age, we push ourselves to the limit in everyway with deadlines, having to produce results and going at a pace that sends us into fight or flight mode.  Why not let things be, take a step back, take some deep breaths and put your body and mind into a place of reset, balance and total relaxation! 

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Healing Hands Whistler offers Group Discounts for Mobile Massage and Gift Certificates.

Tis' the Season to be Jolly!  Healing Hands Whistler offers discounts for groups over 3 people with advanced booking.  What a perfect way to spend some free time while you are on your corporate work event, retreat or family reunion. Why not give someone you love a gift certificate for a mobile massage in Whistler with Healing Hands Whistler?  Treat yourself or treat someone you know to a mini spa vacation with a mobile massage in Whistler.  

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