Acutonics Sound Healing

Acutonics Sound Healing is relatively a new age healing art of Traditonal Chinese Medicine. The tuning forks, each with a specific harmonic frequency, in accordance with either; a low-mid-high range frequency may also be combined with planetary frequencies and help to balance the emotional, mental and spiritual body attunement.  The tuning forks can be placed on individual acupuncture points or placed above the body depending on how profound the energy moving technique is acquired.  This can be a gentle release for patients who are very sensitive or have had a very traumatic experience both physically and mentally and require a safe, effective but gentle adjustment of their energy field.  The tuning forks help one to achieve homestasis and balance by getting the bodies energy field to move from a fight or flight mode (sympathetic) to a grounded and calm mode of (parasympathetic).  This balances not only the qi and blood but the entire endocrine hormone system and nervous systems.