Blood Analysis: Dry blood analysis and Live Blood Analysis

Using a dark-field microscope with an objective spectrum of 50 X and a condenser, we are able to amplify the cells in your blood to view your body's inner ecosystem.

Live Blood Analysis is an effective tool to view the body's internal health state.  Looking at the blood under a dark field microscope, we are able to see how healthy the cells are, how clean the plasma is, as well any signs of degeneration and ageing.  Parasites can also be viewed in the blood.  This information is a helpful tool, as it not only can be used to source out ailments in your body, it can also be used as a preventative measure.

Dry Blood Analysis is an effective tool to look at as it shows the body's health state by looking at the layers in the dry blood.  The centre of the blood cell represents the digestive tract, adrenals and our psycho-spiritual health state, while the layers surrounding represents organs, lymph system, bones, spine and skin.  Here, we are able to look at how the body may be healing from a past injury or trauma and see how the present health state is effected or we can see if there are new developments in the most present imprint in the cell.  Every experience, we encounter is imprinted in our blood, as well as our emotional state.  

A blood analysis

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