Serra Peptase | Help fight inflamation, cysts and scars.

October 04, 2016

Serra Peptase | Help fight inflamation, cysts and scars.

Used primarily for chronic inflammation, cysts and scar tissue, this enzyme is secreted from the silkworm intestine to open its cocoon. It reduces high blood pressure, helps regulate blood sugar, combats scar tissue all over the body, & helps with fibromyalgia, eye inflammation, sinusitis and allergies. It is a digestive enzyme so it makes your body absorb more nutrients and allows for vitamins and herbs to work faster and with more potency. It also has a positive effect on ganglion cysts, uterine cysts, ovarian cysts and cysts of the breast tissue.

How it works:

Once Serra Peptase is in your bloodstream it circulates through your body to a site it detects has inflammation and/or cyst material (cocoons themselves, are similar to cyst and scar tissue). The serrapeptase enzyme dissolves the inflammatory material and or cyst/ scar tissue and changes it to water, which you end up excreting from your body. There are no side effects associated with this herb like with most pharmaceutical drugs causing that often result in headaches, diarrhoea and a plethora of other symptoms.


There are cautions with this herb as it can make other pharmaceutical medications you are taking become more potent. Exercise caution with heart medication, epileptic medication and Type 1 diabetic medication. Always ask your doctor before using herbs, especially Serra Peptase if you are taking Pharmaceutical Medications. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not drink alcohol daily or have exuberant amounts of alcohol while taking this herb as this will counteract the effects of this herb and act only on your liver rather than providing an anti-inflammatory effect for the entire body.

Dosages and Amount:

It is key to start with the highest potency, and always consume on an empty stomach. Make sure you do not have food in your stomach before you take the tablet and do not eat for an hour after you take the tablet. The herb needs to pass through your stomach lining and go directly into your bloodstream where it then travels to the sites where it needs to work.
1 tablet daily for 30 days: 120,000 IU
1 tablet daily from 30-60 days: 90,000 IU
1 tablet daily from 60-90 days: 60,000 IU
1 tablet daily from 90-120 days: 40,000 IU
*optional 1 tablet daily from 120-180 days: 40,000 IU

*You can repeat this cycle once a year to help maintain good health and reduce inflammation in your body.