Rest and Relaxation | Importance of Sleep

September 29, 2016

Rest and Relaxation | Importance of Sleep

Rest is important factor in having a healthy, well-functioning body. An under-rested body will create disease of the body, in the future.

During sleep, the liver detoxifies the blood and the ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) molecules, “the energy source” of the body, can re-charge themselves naturally from all of the nutritious food you have eaten throughout the day.

It is important not to eat late at night (before bed) because, instead of your liver detoxifying your blood during hours of sleep, your blood is concentrated in your stomach and is helping to digest food molecules all night long. This produces more lactic acid in you body and thus, you wake up feeling groggy – and maybe even achy and sore. It can also cause puffiness under your eyes!

Get your sleep!