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Breathing | Using breath to release tension

September 20, 2016

Breathing | Using breath to release tension

Above all, the most important step to take when healing ourselves is to be conscious of your breath. Additionally, having a proper diet and water consumption suited to your lifestyle, practicing yoga and meditation, and getting an adequate amount of rest will add to your ultimate health.

Your breath is the most vital source of life you take into our body. Without it, you cannot oxygenate your blood and the healthy cells of your body will die. Your brain needs oxygen the most, after only four to six minutes of starving it of oxygen, brain cells start to die, and they are gone forever. When we panic, get angry or have an influx of emotions, your breath loses its proper composure and creates havoc on your body.

We need to remember to breathe deep into the abdomen at all times, not only into the chest. Breathing deep is very calming and releases tension all over your body.